As a customer, you have your own personal contact partner, who will provide you with expert advice and assistance, and who is also responsible for successful delivery. This allows short decision-making times and prompt reaction – all for your benefit! Our staff is working flexible, reliable and quick. Years of experience and detailled technical know-how is the assumption for highest customer advisory service. The cooperation with global manufacturers and exclusive specialization in non-ferrous metals furnish DEUPOL with outstanding expertise in this area.

In the process, we not only rely on empirical values, but also make use of highly professional, future-oriented and investment-confident manufactures and suppliers to really cater to every need. You always benefit from the latest technologies and developments, as well as comprehensive know-how, because we place our production orders where the respective specialists are. We focus on the essentials: your requirements! And that far beyond the borders. We not only make promises, but also keep them: You get the best quality from us, with the highest dependability, and the optimum in price. You can always count on us: we will provide you with a clear, competitive cost calculation that is in line with the market right from the start.
Our internal goods disposition enables individual planning, production and monitoring of shipments. Fixed transport agreements and capacity reservations enable us to notify customers of exact delivery times even after the goods leave the works.
The unloading of complete truck-loads and utilisation of residual capacities allows us to make the best possible cost-benefit calculation, which we pass on to you, as the customer, in the form of economic prices.


Procurement management

We aim for a reorientation in the procurement management that is innovative for you, at competitive conditions, based on a reliable and constant delivery performance. We principally appreciate a long-term orientation when it comes to our cooperation with clients and business partners. The focus in this is always on an optimization of processes and improvement of the efficiency.

The following points are certain to be of decisive importance for you, too:

Your time savings
By taking on the administrative work and by the consistent standardization and automation of processes, we will unburden your purchasers. This way you can dedicate yourself to your vital tasks and clients more intensively. 
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Your cost optimization
While maintaining the high quality standards, the costs are optimized by various cooperations, the use of synergy effects, and management of the procurement process. We create an optimal supply basis by the utilization and combination of capacities and resources.
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Your reduced liability
The full handling and transfer of the delivery risk protects you and your company. You can continue to work on a German and European supply base with the required warranty and product safety, which is additionally secured by further reinsurers. This helps you reduce your liability and risk to a minimum.
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Your expanded experience
Benefit from our grown and personal contacts with renowned producers. Learn from our decades of experience in the global market while still continuing to work on a secured German supply basis with the required care and same mentality. You can continue to buy locally, but think and benefit globally at the same time.
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The purchasing policy has reached a constantly growing and meanwhile significant importance in companies by now. Every euro saved in the purchasing directly affects the operating result with a considerable multiplier. Assuming a return on sales of 4 % and 60 % share of the material employment, a saving of one percent in the purchasing has the same effect as a 25 % sales increase! These figures alone illustrate how important it is to organize the purchasing efficiently and innovatively, and to structure it well.

In this sense: Think globally - act locally!